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2010 - present

2010 - present

Teaching in a few words has brought me the greatest joy as an artist.  I get to work with some young up and coming artists they are so full of life and their ideas are just beautiful and they inspire me everyday!!!

I teach Elementary

Middle School

High School 

and Adults of any Age

1. Drawing; learn to really draw. life drawing, light and shadow, sketching, character design, real life imagery , cast drawing like in an atelier.  When you study with me you "WILL" learn to draw like a professional! 

(these classes are for Elementary, Middle and High School and adults.  Of course each course is appropriate to the age of the student).

2. Painting, watercolor, pen and ink

markers, colored pencil or any media.  You or your child will be immersed in a true one to one artist experience. Like working along an artist in an atelier who is your teacher as well.

3. If you or your child is interested in animation, I offer classes in traditional animation and character design.  This is a class for students who are very dedicated to drawing!

4. My students work on real projects that really help them develop their own styles.  That is critical to growing into a young artist that can work towards an artistic career.

5. Portfolio Design for Middle School Students looking to get into competitive art High Schools.  

6. Porfolio Preparation for High School Students looking to enter into Art University and Colleges.  I have had an immense amount of experience working with students to develop really cohesive portfolios that get them into the schools they aspire to.

All classes take place In my studio which is located in Albany.  I have all the equipment necessary to learn all these techniques.  There is a small fee for some supplies.

The classes are an hour long or two hours long.  After school I usually teach one on one but I can do two students at a time.  

Please call me at my studio in Albany to get all the information about the classes and the rates.

Deborah Schilling

Telephone: 510-612-4228


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